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The Bay of Fundy area of southern New Brunswick is a treasure trove of natrual beauty. Our self-guided tours offer you the opportunity to explore all that this region has to offer, via a mix of gravel and paved roads. Each tour shows the level of difficulty, whether you will need a GOPS or pick up a printed map at the event and how many Kms each tour is.


By definition, a slef-guided tour is not lead or swept so we recommend that you take precautions (travel with a a friend) as there will be sections where you find yourself in the trails and without cell phone coverage.


Hopewell Rocks


Difficulty: Easy (mix of easy gravel road and pavement)

Directions: GPS and printed map

Distance: xx km round trip


The Hopewell Rocks are so important to New Brunswickers that we have them on our health cards. Formed by the massive tides of the Bay of Fundy, the Hopewell Rocks .. etc


The Village of Alma


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Martin's Head


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The Friar's Nose


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The Eye of the Needle


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Rider registration will open for the Rally and rider training - see the folks at the HQ to check in for your camping site, get your meal tickets and rider bag with t-shirt and sponsor promo brochures



Friday continues the rider training but adds demo rides from our two Platinum sponsors Honda and BMW. Be sure to book your ride early as there will be a high demand to ride such bikes as the new Africa Twin and the mighty R1200GS in the actual conditions for which they were designed. As well as seminars from our special guests covering how-to and technical presentations we'll be offering GPS seminars and riding demos from our GS certified instructors.


The evening dinner is followed by the compulsory rider’s meeting for all the teams competing in the A-B-C Team Ride the following day. Here we’ll go over the route and options for the next day and try to keep it all brief so that riders can get to bed and have a good night’s sleep as they’ll be starting early the next day.


Just be sure to book Friday off work as there's too much going on to miss! Registration is open but closes just before dinner - be sure to get there on time!



Saturday is the main ride day with our famous A-B-C Team Ride, and the new-for-2016 Scavenger Ride that is open to everyone (see below for more details). If you want to take it easy, the self-guided tours are always an option or you can relax at the lodge where you can swim in the unheated rocky pond, wrestle a bear, get rutted by a horny moose or relive the wonders of dial-up speed internet.


Once everyone is safely back at the lodge, it's time for the grand banquet and (weather allowing) we'll have the ginormous bonfire so that you can sit around and exaggerate your wild adventures of the day.



For Moto GP fans we'll be trying to stream the San Marino round live on the big screen (weather/connection allowing). We'll also be serving breakfast, which will be accompanied by the Rally Master's presentation of the shenanigans that happened over the weekend. After that you are free to go and return to your cell phone lives.



Since this rally is based on the east coast there is always the possibility of a tropical storm disrupting things. The rally organizers reserve the right to not send anyone out if the weather conditions deteriorate to a point where rider safety is compromised. In such case we will provide entertainment at the rally HQ and try and provide a shortened route for the Saturday rides if the weather clears up sufficiently.




Rally Headquarters


Adair's Wilderness Lodge

900 Creek Road

Sussex, NB

Canada E4E 5R9




in Sussex


Motel off-site

20 min ride from HQ. Rooms blocked for FAR are limited, reserve directly with the Amsterdam Inn if you do not wish to camp at Adair's. FAR rate is $119 /night (double occ)

Amsterdam Inn & Suites

143 Main Street

Sussex, NB

Canada E4E 1S8



at Adair's


Camping on-site

Camping sites and facilities including hot showers are available at Adair's to all riders and are included in the registration price.


Trailer & RV on-site

There is room to bring your trailer or RV; cost for hookup not included in registration package.