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2014-2018 RALLIES

Canada Moto Rallies held the first Fundy Adventure Rally in September 2014 at Adair's Wilderness Lodge. The idea was to introduce the adventure rider to the marvels of the Fundy area of New Brunswick, with the main focus on a 500 km, 12-hour loop. The weather cooperated apart from a little fog, and 60 riders came out to get dirty down east.


For the second Fundy Adventure Rally in 2015, it was full on adventure thanks to a tropical storm that blew through on Friday afternoon. We had plenty of things to do inside but the Saturday A-B-C Ride was... well, interesting. River crossings that were meant to be six inches deep became torrents, and easy A routes became muddy challenges. Where you might think that would have been a disaster, it added an unexpected twist to the whole event, one that was embraced by the riders, making it even more successful than its inaugural event. 


For the third annual rally in 2016 more than 100 riders on 29 teams converged on Adair’s Wilderness Lodge just outside Sussex, New Brunswick. Thankfully, the weather was sunny this year — no tropical storm stopped by — and the demo rides, rider training, and of course, Saturday’s big ride, where all had a good time.


2017 brought us the fourth FAR and for the first time ever, the addition of the GS Trophy Qualifiers for Canada. The rally grew to over 150 registered riders and almost 200 people in total as there were the newly added spectator passes and families joining their riders. The weather played nice for the Thursday and Friday Demo rides, self-guided tours, GS Trophy tests and our presentations, however, overnight the skies opened and the rain began for the Saturday ride. Once again, the majority of the riders embraced the challenge and returned with stories of triumph.


Here are some outlets that have published stories about the previous rallies. Click the publication titles/links to go directly to the article.





Mark Richardson came out to the inaugural 2014 rally for the Toronto Star. With only 60 riders, no C options and no tropical storms to worry about, it was quite an easy one compared to 2015. TORONTO STAR



Rallymaster Rob Harris wrote up an account of the making of the original 2014 FAR. If you ever wondered how it all came together and why, you'll find it here.


Terry Burt wrote up his perspective of the 2014 rally, "About 11hrs after most riders set out, the first teams started to return, and out of 15 teams, 6 managed to finish all the routes in the allotted time. The solo riders came in shortly afterwards, some completing all legs, some taking the bailout routes to make it back in time. The one thing they all had in common … big smiles on their dust-covered, exhausted looking faces." Link here.


Tammy Perry’s account of her experiences at the 2015 Fundy Adventure Rally, written up for CMG, "Everywhere I could hear riders exclaiming how much fun they had. Laughter filled the main hall as stories were exchanged, voices still loud and full of adrenaline from the exhaustive ride as dirty, dripping, riding gear was hung around the grounds.Link here.


Zac Kurylyk wrote the story of what went on behind the scenes to make the GPS tracking system run smoothly, with the help of SPOT devices and SpotWalla, link here.

CMG's Costa Mouzouris was assigned to ride the 2016 Fundy Adventure Rally in New Brunswick and find out what all the fuss was about.  Link here.

Contributor Jacob Black wrote about his 2016 FAR experience riding a Honda CRF250L with a hand that was broken in two places just three weeks earlier. No drama though – it’s only his clutch hand. Link here.

Clinton Smout, who taught the 2015 Fundy Adventure Rally’s off-road riding classes, submitted an article on his FAR experiences to Mojo, "Despite a very sore shoulder, the Fundy Adventure Rally was one of the best rides I have experienced." Click on the link to access a PDF of his article. Thanks to Motorcycle Mojo for permission to reuse. Link here.

Mojo's Editor Glenn Roberts joined us for the 2016 Fundy Adventure Rally and the story ran in the April 2017 issue. "A good time to take off work and head into the bush on two wheels." Click on the link to access a PDF of his article. Thanks to Motorcycle Mojo for permission to reuse. Link here.


The US-based print mag had a brief write up in its November issue on the 2015 rally. You can see the online version of that write up via the link. Link here.




Dan McAfee came up to ride the 2014 rally, "I think everybody really enjoyed themselves, judging from the tired dirty smiles at the finish line. You'd never know it was a first year event. Apparently they spent two summers testing out trails and working out routes to be able to pull it off.Link here.


Joe Enberg is a blogger based in Ottawa and was invited to ride the 2015 FAR courtesy of sponsor KIMPEX. With only a year under his belt in the adventure riding world, Joe was a bit hesitant as to what an Adventure Rally might involve, especially after tropical storm Henri had done its business, "We missed some turns; we dropped our bikes (well, not everyone – but I sure did!); we found ourselves exhausted, and exhilarated, and wondering ‘what-the-hell-am-I-doing here’ while laughing out loud at the sheer awesomeness of it all.Link here.


Terry Burt and his video camera were back at the 2015 Fundy Adventure Rally. Stay tuned to his blog for video updates on FAR!


Rally entrant Mike Gros came from Nova Scotia to partake in the 2015 rally on his BMW 650 Sertao. Seems like he had a pretty good time. Link here.

Michael Gros returned for the 2016 rally on this BMW and wrote another blog entry and details about the Honda Canada and BMW Motorrad Canada demo rides. Link here.