Canada Moto Rallies


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August 15-18, 2019




  • Map (NB Backroads Mapbook is recommended. We have these for sale at the rally)

  • Cell phone (though coverage is spotty)

  • CAA card (if you have one)

  • Documents – health card, drivers license, insurance and ownership

  • Credit/debit card, and cash 

  • Camera 

  • Sunblock (let’s be optimistic)

  • Prescriptions 

  • Insect repellent 

  • Flashlight

  • Compass 

  • Pocket knife 

  • Lighter/waterproof matches 

  • Spare batteries (GPS, camera)

  • First Aid Kit 

  • Snacks/water (lots of stops at gas stations but always good to have energy bars and drinks en route)

  • Luggage (you have to carry this stuff! BTW, a backpack will get very heavy by end of day)

  • Snacks (Adair's is 30 mins from nearest store, but does have a restaurant and bar)

  • Your computer and GPS cable if you think you may have to load the routes from Adair's (we will have the routes on our laptops, but if you have an old or odd brand GPS we may not be able to connect)

  • Tent and sleeping bag if camping





Please be sure that your bike is safe, legal, plated, and in 100% good running order – this event will find any weak spots!!! Remember you can share tools across a team to distribute the weight. Although we do not test the machine’s noise level, we ask that it be not overly loud to respect other users in the area.


All routes will have gas stops at about every 100 km or so – be sure you have sufficient range or carry extra gas in a recognized and safe vessel. 


  • Top off or change oil, lube cables, check all seals, good tires (see our suggested tire guide next)

  • Tools - just the basics including tools to get wheels off

  • Flat fixings (it does happen – levers, tubes/patches, pump)

  • Spare parts (clutch and brake lever, bulbs, etc)

  • Siphon tube (handy if you run out of gas and you have nice teammates)

  • Rope (for towing anyone unfortunate enough to need it)

  • Duct tape (it does it all)

  • Pressure gauge (a lot of riders like to drop their tire pressure for dirt)

  • Chain lube (rattle, rattle!)





If you're doing the Scavenger Ride then regular adventure tires should to do the trick; if you're doing the A-B-C Team Ride, then the options can get rocky and muddy, so we’d suggest the most aggressive DOT knobby-like tires. The following is a list of suggestions, but by no means complete. 


  • Anlas Capra-X

  • Bridgestone Trailwing

  • Continental TKC80 (probably the best aggressive tires you can get)

  • Dunlop K750, D606

  • Heidenau K60 Scout (a little hard, but good wear life)

  • IRC GP1, GP110

  • Kenda K270, K760 Trakmaster

  • Metzler Sahara 3, Karoo

  • Michelin T63, Anakee Wild

  • Motoz Tractionator Adventure

  • Pirelli MT21, Scorpion Rally

  • Shinko 244, E805




  • Boots (tall adventure/dual-sport boots preferably with shin protection and good ankle support)

  • Gloves (ideally two pairs, one for hot weather and the other for cool/wet)

  • Riding suit (something that is tough but breathable/vented – not leather!)

  • Armour (a good suit will come with this, but you can also get it separately to wear)

  • Helmet (any full face or even flip-up, adventure-type is preferable)

  • Socks (something that doesn’t feel ‘orrible when wet)

  • Padded underwear (it will be a long day in the saddle!)

  • Warm clothing (layers are best, as you can switch them out as the day goes from cool, to warm, to cool)

  • Waterproofs (it could be a wet one, who knows?)

  • Water bladder/Camelbak (stay hydrated without stopping)

  • Other – goggles, neck scarf, earplugs, sunglasses

  • We highly recommend that you have your own personal GPS device and spare batteries (teams are required to have a minimum of two devices per team)

Disclaimer notice: these are only suggestions to help get you started - as in, don’t get upset if we forgot to remind you to bring your heart meds… Actually, that would be a good reason to get upset, just not at us.